The Cheesemonger Gazette - Vol. 1

The Cheesemonger Gazette - Vol. 1

While it's true that every country, state, and even county has it's own colloquialisms (Say colloquialisms five times fast after a few Spotties...).  Wisconsin is a special place, maybe even a hotbed for extremely entertaining news and events.  Here in this maiden installment of The Cheesemonger Gazette, we hope you find more than a few laughs and reasons to stay part of our fledgling blog community. 

Milwaukee Native Warns Of Too Much Christmas Kielbasa We hope that doesn't apply to brats!

Charlie Berens Speaks For Packers Fans  We love Charlie Berens and The Manitowoc Minute.  Charlie produces all sorts of great content and merch so you should be neighborly and check out his website too.  

Snowshoe Baseball You gotta see it to believe it folks.

This is just flat out cool.  A kid taking full advantage, *cough*, of virtual schooling wrapped his car in holiday lights...

Never an organization to disappoint, The Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin posted this tasty Reindeer Roast Beef Sliders recipe.  Seriously, they are super cute so you kind of gotta click on the link.

Rounding out the stories of the week with a no brainer, don't eat raw meat brought to you via NBC News and the good folks at the Wisconsin Department of Public Health.  It seems we love a thing called a "cannibal sandwich" here in tundraland. Awe geez!

That's it for this week's fun little round up.  

Keep the beer cold and the brats hot,