The Cheesemonger Gazette - Vol. 2

The Cheesemonger Gazette - Vol. 2

This is a holiday version of interesting Wisconsin news so let's keep it all about eating, drinking, and being merry.

Okay this is not Wisconsin related but we are super excited about it.  It's been 32 years but Coming 2 America  staring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall is finally here.  The movie will be releasing on Amazon Prime video on March 5th. 

This is a good old wholesome Wisconsin story about a Rockwood man and his love for riding his Schwinn bicycle...which he purchased in 1978 for $163.  He recently passed the 100,000 mile mark!  If we were him we would be reaching out to both Schwinn and Preparation H for sponsorships...

You have to be from Wisconsin to understand just how much brandy we consume as a state.  This story helps put it into perspective.  Wisconsinites consumed over half of the 275,000 cases of brandy Korbel produced and sold last year.  Yah, that's a lot of Old Fashions my friends.  The article also includes some fun drink recipes.

Raise your hand if you know what a boreal bird is.  Now raise your hand if you know what a boreal forest is.  Those of you who raised your hands are truly very smart individuals...and probably a lot of fun to hang out with at a party.  We're just pulling your snowblower cord! 😜  We love birds too. Here is a great story about all the different boreal birds that hang out in Wisconsin over the winter.

Let's close this week's post by reminding everyone that your Wisconsin Badgers will be playing in the Duke's Mayo Bowl at noon on Wednesday, December 30th.  When life hands you mayo, make lutefisk salad! *gag*

Keep the beer cold and the brats hot,