The Cheesemonger Gazette - Vol. 3

Chicken in the Woods

Have you ever heard of a street named Chicken In The Woods?  If you're from Three Lakes, Wisconsin you have.  This weeks edition of the Cheesemonger Gazette explores all sorts of quirky stories from Wisconsin and beyond.  

We found this story to be sort of a "stinker".  Tesla is letting their vehicle owners change their horns to sound like either a fart or a goat.  Okay, Tesla drivers aren't nearly as annoying as Prius drivers, but they soon will be if their "tooting" their own horns at every stop light.

Did you ever wonder who put the 'Wau' in Wauwatosa?  There are literally dozens of cities and towns in Wisconsin with the combination of the letters "w-a-u" in them.  UW-Madison professors help break it all down for you in this fun article from Wisconsin Public Radio.

Do you know what an effigy mound is?  In another great story from Wisconsin Public Radio, Elizabeth Dohms-Harter helps explain away some of the mystery surrounding Wisconsin's effigy mounds.  It's a really fascinating read.

If you haven't checked out  you should.  I stumbled across this web gem while researching stories and I could have spent hours reading about all the cool things to do in Wisconsin, like going to Jurustic Park.  Yep, you heard me, Jurustic Park.  Who's coming with me?!

Check out this hilarious story, again from our newest favorite site about some of the quirkiest road names in Wisconsin, like Chicken In The Woods Rd.  Read it here.

Rounding out the fun is Charlie Berens in Zoom chat with Cap Times opinion editor Jessie Opoien where Charlie asks Twitter followers to tell him they are from Wisconsin without actually telling him they are from Wisconsin.  Check out the stream of Tweets here.  Some of the responses will have you rolling!

Have a great weekend and remember...

Keep the beer cold and the brats hot,