The Cheesemonger Gazette - Vol. 5

The Cheesemonger Gazette - Vol. 5

Happy Friday fellow Wisconsinites!  It's time to make another round-robin-roundup of the most entertaining stories in Wisconsin this week.

Leading all stories is a piece that broke last night.  He's the true G.O.A.T.  He's never been caught cheating, unlike *cough* Brady, and now he's a three time M.V.P. of the NFL, Aaron Charles Rodgers!  Read the story here.

Carrying on the Packer theme, did you know they still held pep rallies?  The Packers have announced changes to their pep rallies due to the pandemic.  See how you can participate right here.

In a not so romantic move, a Wisconsin based animal shelter is letting people adopt a cock roach or a rodent and name them after their exes.  See the funny, but slightly depressing story here.  Cripes sake I feel itchy just typing that one!

Coming back over the top Wisconsin Cheese is offering people with enough romantic "chutz·pah" a chance to nominate their loved ones to win an awesome heart shaped box full of incredible cheeses.  There are 500 boxes total to give away.  See how you can be a Valentine superhero right here.  You better get on that Ole, Lena loves cheese!

.Thanks for reading folks.  And as always...

Keep the beer cold and the brats hot,