Where the Wild Wings Are

Where the Wild Wings Are

For our second blog post, we are sending out an all-points bulletin to find the best chicken wings in Wisconsin.  After all, you have to have priorities in a pandemic for cripes sake!  Hopefully, we all learn something, scratch an itch, and help support a Wisconsin small business in the process.  

To kick things off we will throw down the first gauntlet and defy you to suggest a better place for chicken wings in the state of Wisconsin than Chicken Licks f.k.a. Chicken Lips located between Cottage Grove and Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.  We dream about these wings.  When suggesting a wing place, this is a good measuring stick to get our attention.  We don’t know exactly what kind of voodoo they perform on those little beauties, but chili powder and cayenne are part of the recipe we’re pretty sure.  The homemade blue cheese dressing at Chicken Licks is also something to blog about.  Chicken Licks is open during the pandemic and currently limited to twenty-five (25) patrons at one time.  

If you’re from the Milwaukee area we often hear Bill Michaels talk about the wings at Steny’s and we’ve had them and agree they are great, but Chicken Licks is a whole other level.  By the way, if we need to explain who Bill Michaels is or what a Steny’s is, if you own a shredder walk up to it and toss your Wisconsin Drivers license in it...

If you think you have a decent counter to our first shot email us your suggestions here and if we try your favorite wing and it’s better than Chicken Licks we will send you a free t-shirt of your choice.  We’re so passionate about wings we might even immortalize the tavern that served up the wing magic in a custom Wisconsin themed tee if the owner is so inclined.

Truth be known, we are secretly hoping people will bombard us with amazing chicken wing places to try because Yelp is worthless for finding a honey hole for wings.  What does some yuppy from Chicago know about wings anyway?  About as much as da Bears do about picking quarterbacks!  (That’s a mic drop folks...)